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Review, Experience, Discussion: Personal Payday Loan

A direct payday loan is a fast online loan. You may view BridgePayday and you will find that filling in the application does not take more than 2 minutes and then the money is transferred to your account. The loan application is reviewed online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The main advantage of the loan is a unique system of assessing the applicant’s creditworthiness, which receives data from several sources, so there is no need to document unnecessary documents requested by other loan providers. Loan Kredito is free of charge and early repayment is free.

It usually takes a few minutes to evaluate a loan application. The loan for new clients is CZK 20,000. When you repost a loan, just log in to your account at Kredito. The usual maturity is 30 days, but the maturity can be delayed for up to 30 days. Verifying your identity is done by sending 1 crown to the account of the company to verify. Early repayment of the loan is free and possible at any time.

Extending the loan is possible by paying the principal of the loan.


  • 15% of the main for an extension of 7 days
  • 20% of the principal for an extension of 15 days
  • 30% of the principal for an extension of 30 days.

Features Personal Payday Loans

Features Personal Payday Loans

  • Loan amount: 1000 – 20 000 CZK
  • Maturity: 30 days with the possibility of extension
  • Method of payment: transfer to bank account
  • Loan without guarantor: Yes
  • Loan without proof of income: Yes
  • Loan without registry check: No.
  • With index entry: Yes
  • Applicant must be an employee: No.

Table of repayments Personal Payday

Loan Amount Maturity Cartoon Total
CZK 1,000 20 days 250 CZK CZK 1,250
CZK 2,000 20 days 500 CZK CZK 2,500
CZK 3,000 20 days 750 CZK CZK 3,750
CZK 5,000 30 days CZK 1,500 CZK 6 500
CZK 10,000 30 days CZK 3,000 CZK 300
12 500 CZK 30 days CZK 3,750 CZK 250
15,000 CZK 30 days CZK 4 500 CZK 19 500
CZK 20,000 30 days CZK 6,000 CZK 26,000


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